Hotel Berg
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The Design



A2F Architects, from left: Aðalheiður Atladóttir, Filip Nosek and Falk Krüger

Design Inspired by the Sea

Hotel Berg’s renovations started in 2016 as the owners wanted to expand the hotel and add some new features in order to create a place where quality and attention to details are felt but also to preserve the atmosphere the hotel was known for before the renovation; being homey and cosy.

Hotel Berg’s location is special in the sense that being only a five minutes drive from the busy international airport one might as well be at the far end of the world as it is quiet and calm out there at the outskirt of the small town of Keflavik.

Located close to the Keflavik marina with views towards the sea, these beautiful surroundings became the inspiration for the design.

Sustainability an important factor

Designed by A2F architects, they wanted to create a building referring to the old boathouse which is represented in its form and material. The traditional roof form symbolises a small village on the top of the cliff that appears on the inside with high ceilings in the public spaces.

The outdoor wood panels have a vibrant texture and a silver grey colour that will change during the coarse of time. This material was carefully chosen because of it’s sustainability benefits, the manufacture aspect as well as low maintenance.



Inside, the guests are greeted with soft colours and warm touch of fresh Scandinavian design mostly from HAY and Norr11. One will also see the wood panels as in the outdoor cladding but with more delicate texture and size. 

We have added a dining hall where we now serve our breakfast and where guests can sit down during the day and enjoy a coffee or tea. When the weather is good it’s possible to go out to an outdoor veranda with a view towards the marina.

Unique to this hotel is the warm sitting pool on the second floor with blue mosaic tiles which give you a feeling of sitting in the ocean. From there you can enjoy the beautiful view towards the marina and the surrounding area as well as the northern lights during the colder months.