The Story


How it all began

- told by Ólöf Elíasdóttir, founder and hotel manager

One can say that the story of Hotel Berg begins with with my grandparents in 1935 when they decided to move from the south of Iceland to Keflavik and become farmers. They bought a plot of land on which Hotel Berg stands today, which the locals thought was a mad idea since it was believed that it was not possible to grow anything on this land. My grandparents were however determined in their decision and built their house here and named it Berg. They also built a cowshed and started farming the land,  growing potatoes and various types of vegetables and were able to make a good living in this place.

 Ólöf Elíasdóttir Founder and Hotel Manager at Hotel Berg with her bulldog Fríða

Ólöf Elíasdóttir Founder and Hotel Manager at Hotel Berg with her bulldog Fríða

As time went by a few more houses were built nearby and since then this area has always been called Berg and hence the name Hotel Berg came about. I have lived here my whole live, as a kid and later with my husband and three children so this place is very dear to me.

In 2009 I got the idea to open a small hotel here on my grandparents land and later that year my family started working on this idea obtaining all the permits needed and working on building an extension to our house where we planned to have the hotel.  

They say that history repeats itself and as had happened with my grandparents the locals thought this was a mad idea; that this was no place for a hotel and it would probably not work out. Again, the locals were proven wrong and the family hotel business worked out well from day one. After only one year of operating, this new and small hotel was one of the countries top five hotels according to TripAdvisor and number 1 on all the major travel websites s.a. TripAdvisor and Booking.com and still is.

2015 was a turning point in my personal life and as a result of that I decided  to sell my precious hotel. It was a difficult decision for me and I wanted to make sure that the new owners were someone who were passionate, ambitious and able to take good care of Hotel Berg and it´s customers. I also wished to be involved in working at the hotel during this transition for shorter or longer period if possible. 

That same  year a buyer approached me who ticked all the right boxes and I handed the hotel over to the new owner. I am still taking care and managing Hotel Berg with my son Heiðar Már in good cooperation with the new owner, the family owned Gistiver.  All my wishes came true; I have seen that Hotel Berg is in good hands with the new owner and I could not be happier.

Ólöf Elíasdóttir, 
Founder and Hotel Manager